All American Rascals Talent Agency is a California State Licensed and Bonded Agency.

We are FULL TIME AGENTS that only want FULL TIME, DEDICATED TALENT that we can TRUST to make ALL their auditions with NO EXCUSES.

Before submitting to our agency for consideration, read our guidelines:


If you wish to sign with the agency you will have to send us an email that you have completed read the information on Sexual Harassment and Eating Disorders from the links below. The agency will keep your email on file that you have read the information provided: Labor Codes: 1700.50(a)(b)(c)(d), 1700.51(a)(d), 1700.53, 1700.54(b), 1700.54, . The links are below.

Your email that you have read the information MUST be emailed to us for us to keep on file before we can represent you.


Department of Fair Employment and Housing Poster and Brochures:

Department of Fair Employment and Housing Sexual Harassment FAQs:

National Institute of health’s Eating Disorders Internet Web site:





  • If you miss more than 3 auditions we will let you go. You have a job: prepare and attend your auditions. You must check out at lease 2 weeks before leaving town. This gives us time to stop submitting.  If we have an audition for you and you’re out of town and we didn’t know you were leaving town – we will let you go.
  • Do not ask us to change the audition time, day, year. Most casting directors when asked to change the time will simply cancel your audition. There are plenty that will show up.
  • Talent MUST be able to SKYPE. There are many audition done this way and also the ability to tape  yourself for auditions is important.
  • Talent MUST be able to operate EcoCast and know how to upload an audition to or other similar sources.
  • Talent should own a phone so that they can respond quickly to auditions.
  • If you are currently signed or have a verbal agreement with another agent. Do NOT submit to us.
  • Send your emails requesting representation to  ONLY.
  • Upon deciding to be with us understand that you are signing a legal and binding contract through the State of California. If you are going out on auditions, booked, etc. you are not going to be released from your contract. There is a 4 month out written into the contract from the state.  If during that time if you neither book or go out on auditions you are free to leave the agency.

Do not contact us until you have the following:

  • Pictures that look like you, UNRETOUCHED!
  • A resume
  • A current passport
  • A demo online at ALL services, and Breakdown Services.
  • PARENTS: Your children will need a current entertainment work permit and a Coogan Account. See there are also classes in Sexual Harassment and eating disorders that your child will need to take. The Entertainment Permit department will provide this information to you and will NOT issue a work permit until you/your child has take the required classes. 
  • We require everyone to sign a contract and a pay authorization.


  • There are many avenues to an audition. All agents, managers and talent are working off the same grid of information.  Once under contract to ANY agent the bookings MUST come through the agency. If you book yourself you will be dropped from the agency. There is more than ‘Hurray, I got the job myself” involved. You have built a team, each member of that team is to be paid.
  • We want only Clients that are respectful.  After all, we are working for free until you book something.
  • Our clients must work as a team with us. This business is not a competition between the agent and talent.
  • Once you are under contract, that means that agents, managers, publicists, and anyone else you’ve asked to work for you, gets paid their agreed amount. That means whether you got the audition or the agency got the audition, everyone must be paid.  You are working on the same grid as your agent. There are going to be crossovers.
  • Again, if you book the job yourself and don’t refer the booking to the agency so that we can gather all the needed information and possibly get you more money or better billing… you WILL be dropped.
  • We are looking for clients that really want to work in this business and handle it in a professional manner.
  • All audition calls MUST be returned within an hour so that we may confirm you or replace you. Please don’t cause us to lose the audition. If you return the call within the hour and you can’t make the audition for any of the legitimate reasons stated on our contract, there is a chance we might be able to replace you and not lose our chance at that audition. ALL AUDITIONS must be confirmed or declined through us directly.
  • EMAIL: Our FIRST line of contact is always an EMAIL for auditions. We email ALL the information for your auditions. Read the entire email before you ask questions. After we send the email we usually follow up with a call you.
  • ALL phone calls from us must be returned within 1 hour.
  • This is very important. You MUST show up on your auditions once confirmed. Not showing up on auditions or not checking back with us when called will result in termination of our contract.  If you cancel auditions or are unavailable for auditions for more than 3 times in a short period of time, we will be letting you go. There is no point in representing talent that is unavailable for auditions.
  • Booking out: If you don’t book out and we get an audition for you during that time, possibilities are strong that you will be let go.
  • All your acting tools(current pictures, resume, DEMO) must be put together and ready for our use within 2 weeks after signing.
  • Don’t lie to us. If you don’t want to be with our agency don’t be here. However, if we find out you are double or triple agenting in the same areas we represent you, you will be dropped immediately and we will notify the other agents.
  • We need to know that you are consistently working on your career. 90% of the work will always be up to you. Classes, updated resumes, current pictures, etc.
  • Do not tell us what to submit you for. This is a business that has several levels and functions. Let us do our job and we promise you that when you get an acting job, we will not come to the set and tell you how to act.


AB 2338 bill. This is important and mandatory information that we are required to making you aware of. Please scroll to the TOP of the page for instructions.

Rascals Talent Agency

ALL SUBMISSIONS are to be emailed to us at:

  • There are no drop ins. 
  • By appointment only!

You can email us at:

Please read submissions page before submitting for representation.